Short-Term Density Forecasting of Low-Voltage Load using Bernstein-Polynomial Normalizing Flows

The transition to a fully renewable energy grid requires better forecasting of demand at the low-voltage level to increase efficiency and ensure reliable control. However, high fluctuations and increasing electrification cause huge forecast …

Review of Low-Voltage Load Forecasting: Methods, Applications, and Recommendations

This paper presents a literature review on the topic of Low Voltage (LV) load forecasting. It gives an overview of the approaches, core applications, datasets, trends, and challenges. Suggestions how to facilitate the continued improvement and advancement are given and a set of recommendations toward best practices are provided.

Generalized Additive Modeling of Building Inertia Thermal Energy Storage for Integration into Smart Grid Control

A building's structural mass does provide inherent thermal storage capabilities. Within this work, a mathematical model of a building inertia thermal energy storage (BITES) is proposed to allow integration into optimized smart grid control for real-world applications.